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If you would like to order your copy of The ASSIGNMENT, please email Tina Owen at rtpadmin@rtpcommunitychurch.com. 

A few reviews from readers who are already excited about the lessons from this book:

  • God has used The ASSIGNMENT to impact every area of my life.  The study has been a “revival of
    biblical knowledge” that’s humbling, has helped me to understand the deeper things of God and keeps me
    focused as I Wow over Jesus.  Like the woman who Jesus met at the well and went away to tell the city
    about what she had received.  Once people experience the real surge in their relationship with God through
    this book, they can’t help but share with others so that others can be blessed and God’s Kingdom be increased.
  • The ASSIGNMENT is like a red flag of the enemy’s position and a defense mechanism against his position.
  • The ASSIGNMENT has given a name to the direction my life is taking as a Christian.  I have always struggled
    with a “purpose” for my life.  This book is helping me to see, through the scriptures, how I can serve God daily.
    - Tina
  • My assignment is like nobody else’s because my assignment is part of the strategy of God. 
    He’s a God of second chances and I owe Him my praise.  God has the antidote and it’s called the Word of God.  I’ve told so many people about The ASSIGNMENT! - Anetrice

  • The Assignment class has made me much more aware of how the past has affected me as an adult.  Once you realize and acknowledge that fact, then you are able to deal with those things and move forward.  The book has been a great reminder that He is so keenly interested in each and every detail of our lives, no matter how small!  It has made me approach each day differently, expecting and looking to see what God has placed in front of me to accomplish for Him. - Shannon
  • The ASSIGNMENT book has been a blessing to me by confirming what the Lord had already been speaking in my spirit concerning what He has already instructed me to do.  The book caused me to want to cherish every moment in life and to make sure I am fulfilling my God given purpose in this life. - T. McRae
  • The ASSIGNMENT has helped me to think before I make decisions. - Curtis
  • It has helped me to realize more and more that we are placed in different places to fulfill the mission of Jesus Christ.  Every day I have an assignment to do.  - Elois
  • It has helped me to know my purpose is to advance the Kingdom of God, it’s not about me but God and I feel the need to reach the lost with all that’s in me. - Mildred
  • Since helping people is our assignment; this course has allowed me to first learn about myself better in order for me to understand others better.  - Linda
  • The ASSIGNMENT is making quite a difference in our life.  I am meeting more people who seem to be searching for something and I am able to encourage more.  We are able to discuss God with more people. - Barry
  • My walk through with The ASSIGNMENT was being brought back to infancy through new clear eyesight, taking first steps toward learning, teaching and loving toward God’s vision of wisdom.  I want more and never fearing of getting enough of God’s unconditional love.  - Brenda
  • I see myself in The ASSIGNMENT.  It is renewing of the MIND.  - Kathie
  • The ASSIGNMENT is a great life changing study.  It changes your attitude about how to approach life’s challenges.  I am being blessed. - Marvin
  • I am finding out the many obstacles and stronghold that keeps us from our purpose and our assignments.  Overcoming them and facing life with the right attitude is a must!  A great study. - Jackie
  • I have always dealt with issues of being an unwanted child and the physical and verbal abuse that accompanied it.  Chapter 2 was an eye opener.  At first it brought painful memories and reopened old wounds.  But God and His infinite wisdom knew that once dealt with, healing would be accomplished.  I can now see God’s hand on my life while going through.  I am thankful for being exposed to The ASSIGNMENT. - Allean

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